Healing is a natural internal process whereby the body repairs itself. As part of the energy of creation, the ability to self heal and self balance is inherent in all of us. A cure seeks to eradicate a symptom, whereas  healing seeks to enable and support the self healing powers created in us to do the work of bringing wholeness and wellness.

The path to healing is hidden from most due to the thinking frameworks that we have been raised with. It only takes a few gentle nudges to look in the right direction and a person can begin a journey to radical healing both physically and emotionally. For those with intention to live well, the right perspective opens pathways that would otherwise be overlooked or discounted.

Starting from the Beginning

Finding the Path is Simple Some things are so simple and easy to understand that somehow we can become blind to them.
Our Insecurities What you choose to believe decides what actions you will take.
Seven Statements A Basic framework of thinking to consider when starting a healing journey
Everything is Spiritual …somehow built into the human physci is the need to worship someone or something
Healing is not Magic When we talk about healing, we are not talking about a magical incantation
The River Yarden A tail of two seas
Think on These Things …whatever is true, whatever is noble
Become Self aware Start listening to your body and mind.
Get a Mensch because he simply makes others feel good
Holiness Man be set apart
Environmental Settings Your environment could be making you sick!
Vittles You are what you eat!
Music Music matters to your health and well being.
I See You I want to get to know you
As I forgave You Forgiveness does not mean in human terms forgetting
Thank You Giving thanks is an important part of remaining whole.
Affirmation Using positive words to build others and help them to be successful
Poison … Coming