Everything is Spiritual

A preacher some years ago made the statement that ‘Everything is Spiritual’. This stuck with me and I’ve pondered this every since and actually keep reminding myself of what I now believe to be a true statement. It was Bob Dylan who wrote the song “Gotta Serve Somebody”. He puts into song a universal truth that somehow built into the human physic is the need to worship someone or something. Various attempts by mankind to eradicate this desire has proved disastrous. The USSR fell apart, Communist China has millions of Christians, and the secular west has a burgeoning industry of new age outlets and practices, consumerism, and an intense interest and absorption of eastern philosophies. Today we see the worldwide rise of Islam radically changing any society that it touches, destroying cultures that have been in place for centuries. To deny the spiritual because we don’t understand it or don’t buy the various philosophies put forth by the various religions is ignoring the source of all healing.

For my money, there is only one God who has proved himself beyond doubt. Anyone who says you just have to believe is talking nonsense. Anyone who says that you just have to believe what doesn’t make sense is also talking nonsense. It’s not that God is beyond comprehension. How can a multi-dimensional being be understood by a three-dimensional being? It simply can’t. However, in the way that God has revealed himself, He can be understood by a child, even if there are deep matters to take a lifetime to discover. He can be known and understood. The clincher for me and it is the claim that this God makes is that he foretells the future and it happens exactly with all the detail that he said it would happen. Apart from this, He displays a character that for me is the type of God I want to know and if I have to serve someone, it will be this God. (And no, I’m not telling you yet who he is. Remember Principle 1!). I will introduce you to Him at a later date and you can make up your own mind.

There are some religious terms that need explaining and put into an understandable context. Because I come from a society based on Judeo/Christian principles, I’m going to use the terms that would be most familiar to most.

  • Righteousness – This has it’s root meaning of Justice which has to do with a straight path and staying on it.
  • Evil – This has to do with straying from the path, simply because you can’t keep on it. It could be understood “dysfunctional”.
  • Good – functional – The wheel alignment on a car is functional allowing the car to drive straight.
  • Bad – dysfunctional – The wheel alignment is out causing  the car to veer off the road.
  • Sin – An archery term. To miss the target.

Let’s use another analogy. Someone cut a path through a dense forest. Staying on the path is righteous. Straying from the path because of dysfunction is bad/evil. To have strayed from the path is a sin. (That is you haven’t stayed on the path). So to talk in nonreligious terms, we need to get back on the path and have the dysfunction fixed so we can stay on the path. The trouble is we are all lost off the path. As a result, we are inherently insecure, under pressure, stressed and this eventually kills us.

Now at some point, you need to believe there is a path and who it was that created it. I’ve made that decision. I’m back on the path, but I still struggle with a dysfunction that keeps trying to direct me off the path. However, and this is a big, however, I now have a walking companion. I’m no longer alone. I’m building a relationship with the creator of the road.

So what does this have to do with healing? Everything actually. I’m no longer lost, so my core insecurity has been removed. I don’t need many of the coping mechanisms that others rely upon. I have a companion whom I can trust. So although I’m still prone to dysfunction, I just have to call out and I have a helping hand. Again, my insecurities are removed, little by little, I’m under less pressure, and therefore less stress and so I have less physical and emotional ailments. That’s not to say that I’m not continually under pressure. There are all kinds of influences trying to get me to just rely on myself and leave the road for a bit. It will be okay!

Yes, there is more to it, but we’ll get to that. What’s important is to understand that the spiritual has a direct impact on our physical and emotional well-being. Be Blessed Aryeh.

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