Healing is not Magic


The magic pill, the silver bullet, works like magic are all common terms you will hear the conversation space. While we like to believe there is magic and even introduce the concept to our children with ideas such as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, as adults, we soon find out that while we might wish for it, magic is not the common experience. However, we still look for it. The is clearly evidenced by the amount of money lost the scammers, for example, in ‘get rich’ schemes. No matter how true the maxim may be “that if it seems to good to be true it probably isn’t” we still hold out that maybe out there somewhere there is magic. If only we believed.

Now while I’m a hardcore realist, I’m not throwing a wet blanket over these deep-seated ideas so everyone will be a sourpuss. Instead, I’d rather say, lift up your head and look around. There is so much wonder in the world, so much that we cannot yet explain, so much more to be discovered. You don’t need magic or even the idea of it to live a life of wonder, awe, inspiration and love. Letting go of the idea of magic, and grabbing onto the sense of wonder and awe in the creation is a good step towards healing.

When we talk about healing, we are not talking about a magical incantation or effect, but rather the removal of kinks and crookedness from something that should be straight, in balance. Take a drinking straw for example. Bend it and kink it, put some holes in it and then try drinking a glass of soda through it. The best you might get is a few atomised bubbles of soda, nothing else. Remove the kinks, repair the holes and you can drink through it again.

Healing is a process towards straightness and balance. Depending on how damaged you the ‘drinking straw’ are, will depend on how long the healing process will take. If you have a lifetime or just decades of crookedness beaten into your shape, it’s going to take more than a few minutes to bring about the repair.

Now there is a word, to remember. Repair. We have been created with an immune system that if given the chance will bring about repair in our systems and mind. Even the tenancy for dysfunction has been taken care of by the creator. Anyone in no matter what state they are in, taking the decision to do so, can start the journey to healing.

There is the propensity in our modern world, to build things for a certain lifespan upon which point after use, they are simply discarded, recycled and a new thing is purchased. This might be okay for the economy and for things, but people, are not things! People are created and can be repaired. No matter how permanent a crease you might have in your straw, it can be fixed.

Possibly the point about magic is that people hope you can drink soda through a kinked straw without any problem if only magic existed. Some people are always looking for a way to remain well while still involving themselves in the destructive behaviours that put them there in the first place. It doesn’t work. It never has and it never will. There are unchangeable foundations upon which the creation has been built. Crooked will never be straight and straight will never be crooked, no matter how much we try and believe it to be the case.

So, essentially, to obtain healing it will take a change of the heart, that will effect the environment we create for ourselves, the company we keep, the food we eat and the life we lead. I guess it depends on your desire. Do you really want to be well and whole? If you do, foster that spark of desire into a flame that ignites intent and overcome the inertia to begin the pathway to healing. Healing is not Magic, it’s a transformation of the heart from which all things stem. Be Blessed Aryeh.


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