Think on these Things

The following seems so simple, it’s a wonder that we need reminding of it all. However, even the optimist, the one for whom the glass is always half full, still needs to be reminded of this simple admonition. “…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is righteous, whatever is clean, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report, if there is any uprightness and if there is any praise – think on these.” wrote Rabbi Shaul to the congregation at Philippi. This is a lot more than positive thinking. Through the items listed is a source of healing energy that if we focus on them, we will receive some benefit of the healing source. Imagine yourself at a public water fountain. You push the button and out comes a flow of water from which to drink. Unless you place your mouth in line with the stream, you will go thirsty. It takes intent and action. Positive thinking self-creates while thinking as described above places are attention to sources external to us. If we could depend on the power within, we wouldn’t need healing!

Unless we have had it drummed into us as kids, we are more likely to go without needed water when we’ve been out in the heat, playing a sport or walking the dog. We end up dehydrated, the bodies alarm bells start ringing in the form of a headache and finally we stop for some water. We can get so busy with stress, managing pain and just daily life, that we forget to go to the source of living water that we need daily for good health and activity. Where we drink from emotionally, spiritually is just as vital. Whereas you can run past a water fountain and not drink, in life, if you are not drinking from a source of life, you are drinking in the opposite by default. This is why there must be intent and we must continually remind ourselves to drink from the fountain of life.

To examine what is to be the focus of our thoughts. Let us consider the first; whatever is true…

Now the relativistic viewpoint would have you believe that what is true is subjective. There is only GoldenSunsetdespair from this perspective. What all of us need is ‘certainty’. We all need things that are true. It can be something as simple and profound that for every day we live, the sun is going to come up over the horizon whether we see it or not. This is true. You may be a parent,  a participant in the miracle of new life. The event, the child (whether alive or in memory) represents something that is true. You are a part of the miracle of life. Then there are truth statements. Having found the Creator, He declares things that are true. I love to think on some of the following.

Now sure maybe you don’t believe in the Creator. But which message would you rather concentrate on? I’m a mistake, and accident, or I’m someone’s masterpiece?  I have no defining characteristics at all, or I’m created in the likeness of my Creator?. Nobody loves me, I’m unlovable, or my Creator loves my very soul? Call me crazy, but I know which I rather choose to believe. The secret is, whether you believe it of not, it’s like gravity, it will get you every time. What the creator says is actually true and when you think on these and other truth statements, you put your mouth under the fountain to drink the water of life.

What about noble? It’s kind of an old fashion term. But have you ever been in the company of someone who is just kind, truthful, reliable? They act with honor, they are honest, uncorrupted, unselfish. Yes, maybe you are thinking of the family dog. Surely people like that don’t exist? Indeed, they do and we’ve all probably come across them from time to time. Probably the way I can describe the emotional feeling of a noble person is sliding into brand new clean sheets. There is just something about clean that we just love. So which would you rather have, dirty soiled sheets or crisp fresh clean linen to sleep on? Think on what is noble.

Righteous. The opposite of crooked. You buy a new car. There is a righteous experience and a crooked experience.The righteous experience is a salesperson that gives you every possible benefit, add-on, and discount on your new car. You drive away, amazed at the value, the service, the honesty of the salesman. A crooked experience is when you find out that your neighbor bought the same car for a much better deal than you, the car turns out to be a lemon and the dealer doesn’t care. That salesman saw you coming! It might not have been a car, but we have all had experiences that are simply right, straight, honest and those where we come away feeling used and dirty. So what do you focus on? Being used and done over, or walking away have done a really straight clean deal? One is life, the other is just ‘yuck!’.

And so the admonition goes on whatever is clean, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report, if there is any uprightness and if there is any praise – think on these. This is where a diary or notepad comes in handy. As you discover these wholesome sources of good energy, you can jot them down. Chances are when you need them, you may not remember. Remember Healing is about balancing out the bad stuff, making the crooked straight. Where we keep our thoughts can have a huge influence on the environment we place around ourselves and this, in turn, affects the power of any healing pathway we might walk. So think on these things. Be Blessed Aryeh.

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