Become self aware

It seems that in today’s world, the pursuit of something, either specific such as career, sporting goal, happiness or something as general as life itself is portrayed in such a way that you should do anything to reach your goal no matter what the cost. The obvious problem in the first place is that what we think we will have achieved by  the goal turns to ash, no matter how grand or noble that goal might be. This is simply because we are not created to reach goals as our primary purpose but to live in a relationship which is an ongoing walk.

Now there is no problem having goals, striving for goals as part of that walk. But when we give up the important to achieve something that in the end has no meaning we are much poorer for it. One key aspect that we are encouraged to give up is our self-awareness. Our bodies and spirits are incredibly astute to what is going on and provide us excellent feedback. If something in our thoughts is bothering us, it is because our spirit us trying to get us to deal with a problem and resolve it, rather than live with the indent the unresolved issue would leave in us, putting us under pressure which causes stress, which eventually expresses itself in illness of some kind.

Likewise, with the body, a type of headache will let us know that we are dehydrated. A sore foot will tell us that something is wrong and healing is trying to take place. Give the foot a break so it can heal! Instead, we are advised, take a pill to relieve the pain and push/play on. I’m not suggesting that you don’t take any pain medications. What I would suggest is that it should be the last resort after you have taken note of what your body is telling you. When life is at stake, of course, you will push on. But how many things do we treat as life and death that simply aren’t?

This is what I mean about self-awareness. Start listening to your body and mind. Don’t ignore it, rather tune into it. It’s amazing how it can communicate. If I listen carefully, I’ll have a hankering for some food that provides a nutrient the body needs for example. I’m now fully aware of headaches. When they are first barely perceptible, I now know to think about when I last drank water, when I last looked up from the keyboard. How much sleep I’ve had. Through awareness and management, my consumption of headache tablets has radically diminished simply because I don’t need them. There is a financial benefit there to start with, let alone the health benefit.

There are many other benefits of being self-aware. Sometimes I just need to go for a walk. So I do. You become aware of changes in scent, colour, and frequency of all your bodily functions. That sounds disgusting when put in words. But imagine picking up something serious because you were self-aware! Often you can take corrective action at a very early stage. When we talk about the physical body, being self-aware is not such a difficult thing to imagine and put into practice. However, when we are dealing with the mind, it is a different story.

People who have been damaged by abuse or a traumatic experience can shut down awareness because they don’t want the awareness of the trauma. This is entirely understandable but does not contribute to health and healing. Repressed trauma will have a negative health effect. The question is “what is the best way of dealing with it?” Counseling and psychotherapy seem to be the main methods used and I’m not alone in questioning the value of ‘talking’ about it. No-one wants to relive over and over again traumatic experiences. The primary and most effective way of dealing with these issues in my experience is a form of counseling where truth statements are learned and applied. Dr. Alex Loyd in the Healing Codes has developed this much further in the use of energy to bring balance to a person without having to go through every minute detail of the trauma and in many instances without knowing what the source of the original trauma was. (as with cellular memories passed down from our parents).

However, even with this type of help, self-awareness needs to be active so that a person can apply truth statements against negative memories and begin to walk free of past baggage. As our built-in protective responses of fight or flight can work against us to protect trauma memories, self-awareness is essential to recognize what is going on and how to be liberated, not caught in a web of our own making.

Self-awareness does not equate to being full of one’s self. Rabbi Shaul says it this way. “For I say, … to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he should think, but to think soberly, as Elohim has given to each a measure of belief.”

Proverbs 20:5 Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water, But a man of understanding draws it up.

Yes, the world tends to send you messages all the time, just push on, ignore the pain. This is not good advice on the road to healing and health. Be Blessed Aryeh.

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