Holiness Man

Religion at least in the west has spoiled an idea that has significant value for anyone seeking to be healed, or to walk the healing path. The word holiness is associated with special people and being more righteous or moral than somebody else. In fact outside the religion, the word is rarely used or understood and we only hear it in secular circles when the Dali Lama  comes to town, or the Catholic Pope is mentioned in the news. One might be accused of a ‘holier than thou’ attitude, but that’s about it. Of course, if you are involved in religious circles, you will hear the word Holy Spirit or something is Holy. I’m sure many Christians think that the Spirit of Elohim has a first name whose name is ‘Holy’!

Surprisingly references to special people with the term holy are actually appropriate. However, an association with moral uprightness has little to do with holiness. The opposite of holy is not sinful. The opposite of Holy is common. Holiness simply means to be set apart. The special dish that stays in your display cabinet for most of the year and is only brought into service for special events could be considered holy. It doesn’t reside with the plates that are used every day. These would be considered common.

Now holiness, or from now on set-apartness is directly associated with the divine. It is the one attribute that defines the God of Israel. He is Holy, Holy, Holy (Set-apart, Set-apart, Set-apart) which is a Hebraic was of saying He is radically uncommon, so much so that there is nothing else that compares to Him. He is utterly uncommon. The Christian God is often considered the God of Love. This is actually the same God as the God of Israel, and while God is defined as Love, he is not defined and Love, Love, Love. Just Love. So Love is a much less defining character of the God of Israel. According to the Hebrew Scriptures, there is only one attribute above all others that defines the God of Israel and that is being set-apart.

Why is this important? If everything is spiritual and the God of Israel is a source of pure light, life and healing then we can learn from what He has revealed about himself. One concept demonstrated to us is that of being set-apart. Do you know that after creation, as described in the scroll of Bereshit (Genesis), the very first thing that Elohim set-apart was time? Gen 2:3 And Elohim blessed the seventh day and set it apart because on it He rested from all His work which Elohim in creating had made.The reason this is important is the seventh day was to be a day of rest. This example set by Elohim is a pattern worth knowing about and following if you want healing. We have been designed to be rested every seven days!

The benefits of a day of rest are multiple. The time to think and reflect is vital to healing. With our busy lifestyles, there is no time to do this, unless we intentionally take a day. The ability to develop deeper relationships comes with time. Regular time. The opportunity to balance our life with other activities, introducing variety. Simply giving our physical bodies time to recover and rejuvenate. There is ample evidence to support the benefits of a weekly rest. The problem is that the simple tried and true become ‘old hat’. We don’t put any stock in the fact that Elohim supposedly came up with the idea of a rest, so we discard the idea entirely even to our own detriment.

Whether you accept that Elohim gave us the day of rest or not, to journey from brokenness to healing, a day’s rest a week is essential. We need to set apart a day a week in which we cease from all our creative labour and simply rest. There is another component to the rest day. You can not only cease from all creative labor, you can also enter into the rest of Elohim. This is where ultimate wholeness and peace is found. A rest on the seventh day is just one example of the practice of set-apartness.

Healing is ultimately found in set-apartness. Set-apartness was a key principle that Elohim established through His example and revelation to mankind. Behaviors, diet, attitudes and responses all contributed to making a person whole and set-apart from the common. Set-apartness is such a foreign concept in practice, even in religious circles. However, it is a key concept to ponder and begin exhibiting if any healing is to be profound and lasting. Be Blessed Aryeh.

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