Healing Environment

Your environment could be making you sick! If you plant a sunflower in the shade, it probably won’t do very well. This seems patently obvious. But again the obvious isn’t always that obvious when we are under pressure. The environment in which we live greatly affects us and there is a lot we can do about it. To list some of the areas we should consider in our environment see the following.

Noise Levels: I heard a recent report that loud music makes alcohol taste sweeter and this probably accounts for, the louder the music, the more alcohol people consume. Now if you are trying to deaden pain, this temporary and harmful solution might be your solution of choice. However, sound volume affects our stress levels. Whether it’s the traffic on the main road, the beat of wind turbines, sustained loud music, or a screaming child, noise increases our stress levels. There is much you can do to manage your noise levels. Anything from double glazing on your house, noise cancelling headphones for the plane, a quiet area for lunch, just use your imagination. Not all noise can be countered, but most can be mitigated if we have awareness and take steps to minimize it.

Air Quality: Whether it is the documented health issues of smog in major Asian cities to the extreme of cigarette smoking, air quality in the lungs affects our health. While everyone’s circumstances will vary on the macro level, there is things we can do to maximize the quality of the air we breathe. In particular the level of particulates in the air. This can be the level of cleaning we apply to our surroundings, the surfaces of the floor and furniture we employ in our homes and offices to the plants we have around us in our personal yards and gardens. Ionic air purifiers can also be a valuable tool for an office, or the whole house. Instead of relying on fans to move air through filters, the machines release a steady stream of negatively charged ions that electrify the many particulates in the air. The airborne particles pick up the negative charge and become strongly attracted to positively charged collection plates inside the machine. Even chemical smells, that caused severe headaches for someone I know were reduced to nil with a cheap $20.00 room ionizer that I loaned them.

Water Quality: Our bodies are on average 60% water and it plays some very important roles in it. For a start, it is used to maintain the health and integrity of every cell in the body, it keeps the bloodstream liquid enough to flow through blood vessels, helps eliminate the waste of the body’s metabolism, it helps to regulate body temperature, lubricates and cushion joints, keeps us looking good by moisturizing the skin to maintain its and appearance and carries nutrients and oxygen to cells to list just a few. “Polluted water isn’t just dirty—it’s deadly. Some 1.8 million people die every year of diarrheal diseases like cholera. Tens of millions of others are seriously sickened by a host of water-related ailments—many of which are easily preventable.” Koshland Science Museum. Most in the developed world have the blessing of clean drinking water. Depending upon the city or town in which you live, the water will taste different, have different mineral constituents. Some will have chemicals added, the debate argued over public health benefits against natural chemical free water. What’s important to know is that clean water is essential for good health and healing. In house water filters are available at reasonable costs to really clean up what you are drinking. Although it should be noted that reverse osmosis is the only way to remove some chemical additives. On our road to healing we need clean water and we need to drink it. The guidelines vary on how much, but my rule of thumb is, if I feel thirsty I drink, in small mouthfuls, some water. (If you drink it fast, it passes right through. Drink it slowly and your body and brain get their cut) I do the finger press to see how quickly the blood returns and I note the colour of urine to monitor my water intake.

Food: My, is this a touchy subject. Everyone is an expert. I don’t claim to be one, but I will confess I stick to the guidelines of the Creator on this one. I will cover this in much more detail is a later post. Suffice to say, that what we ingest, gets broken down, some absorbed and used by the body and the rest eliminated or stored. There are many substances that will make us sick, either because they don’t belong in our bodies in the first place, or their combination is not what the body is expecting and so we get a negative effect. Do a bit of research on what effects highly processed foods have on your body. Next, become an amateur biologist and do some study on how they measure the pollutants in rivers and water ways. Yes, those very animals they use to examine the tissue for chemical residue, some humans eat! No wonder people get sick! It doesn’t take expensive fancy machines to eat well. It takes a basic knowledge of good food, basic preparation skills and will to eat well and be well. You may well be shocked at how many symptoms will simply disappear with a change of food intake.

Influences: There are many influences upon us and I’m not going to try to catalog them all here. What I do encourage you to do is to become aware of the influences you are subject to. You do this by intentionally listening and feeling the environment around you. As your moods and health changes, try to establish what the influences were that put you in that position. As you begin to identify negative influences, make small changes until you see changes. If they are for the better, then make the changes more wholesale. I give one example. Whenever I ate pizza with any sort of meat, I felt unwell and often had a headache 12 hours later. It turns out, that processed meats in my country must have preservatives in them called nitrates. These effect me negatively. Cut out processed meats and this area of unwellness was solved. How was this discovered. Simple, I just took time to build awareness. Once my suspicions grew, I started doing research and in the end came up with a solution. I’ve even found sausage direct from the manufacturer, cured without any nitrates. So I get my cake and can eat it, even if I have to make my own pizzas! There are influences coming from advertising, music, books, noise, work environments, you name it. We can’t live without influences, but we can build awareness of what influences us and where possible, we can ditch the negative and on hold onto the positive.

People: Supposedly the worst punishment for a prisoner is solitary confinement. As one who like the pleasure of his own company, the back room, the open spaces, even I know the value of other people. The people we engage with affect us greatly. Firstly, we need people, but more importantly, we need the right kind of people. The former we understand. We are social creatures. Even a person in deep emotional pain would love the chance to reach out to someone or have someone reach out to them. It’s the kind of people that we associate with that can really contribute to our healing and wholeness. “Leave the simple ones and live, And walk in the way of understanding.” Prov 9:6 and “He who walks with the wise, shall be wise, But the companion of fools suffers evil.” Prov 13:20 Read my post on the kind of people we should be looking for as a partner on our journey. However, it’s not only the partner, it’s the companions we choose to keep company with as well.

Clothing: Scientists have discovered that linen fibers reflect light. The light energy aspect of living organisms has been measured by many individuals within the Scientific community. Nobel prize-winning Dr.Otto Heinrich Warburg identified signature frequency numbers of the average human at 70-90. All results with numbers less than 50 were identified as the signature frequency of chronic disease. Any number less than 15 was identified with those having a diagnosed incurable condition such as cancer. Zipporahsthimble Intriguing isn’t it. The Creator gave instructions on what types of materials should be worn and not mixed. As part of my research on why this might be I came across the research of Dr Warburg. I’ve never worn a synthetic shirt since and have started bringing linen materials into my wardrobe. There were some shirts, that would get me quite agitated and I initially made no connection to what I was wearing. All I knew was it was great to get that shirt off my back! Certain types of clothing actually radiate positive energy. Do the research. You can find Dr Warburg’s research online.

Music: The classic example is found in the Hebrew Bible. 1 Samuel 16:23 “And it came to be, whenever the evil spirit from Elohim was upon Sha’ul, that Dawiḏ would take a lyre and play it with his hand. Then Sha’ul would become refreshed and well, and the evil spirit would leave him.” Music can have a powerful effect on the environment we build around ourselves. There is much research and many specialists in this area. I simply note three observations. There is Music that has a healing effect by enhancing the bodies immune system letting it work better. There is music that is grating and negative. There is music that is specifically designed to alter the brain and move it into altered states. The latter is always connected in someway to spiritualism that comes under the guise of eastern mysticism, new age or some other incarnation. It is highly dangerous. Already we are seeing this type of music peddled by pseudo scientific secular organizations and composers and I place a warning here, It is dangerous. In the spiritual realm, there is the Creator and the Adversary. This third type of music leads to the Adversary and the possibility of deep bondage. Take or leave my advice as you like, but don’t say you weren’t made aware.

Sleep & Rest: When the Israelite’s left Mitzrayim (meaning “narrow straits” or a tight spot), Egypt as we in the west know it, they were slaves and on of the first things Elohim gave them through his Torah (instruction) was a day off a week. What a day of celebration that must have been. “You mean we get a day off every 7th day?”. This historical story is a good analogy of the right environment for healing. If you are working day in and day out not getting enough sleep, or taking a day off a week, you are in a tight spot. You are a slave! Here are some reasons why sleep and rest is vital on your healing pathway. Sleep helps the brain commit new information to memory through a process called memory consolidation. It has been shown that people who’d slept after learning a task did better on tests later. Chronic sleep deprivation can alter hormone levels affecting the way our bodies process carbohydrates and affecting our appetite. Weight gain is a common result. Lack of sleep contributes to lapses that may cause falls and mistakes in our work and general routine. Irritability, impatience, and the inability to concentrate are often a symptom of a lack of sleep. Serious sleep disorders have been linked to hypertension, increased stress hormone levels, and irregular heartbeat and with the altering of the immune function, reducing the body’s ability to perform the healing function it needs to.

There are probably many more environmental factors to consider, but the above list are a key list to consider. It’s not that there is anything earth shattering in the above list. It’s just that we have the tenancy to ignore the obvious. Let’s say we take the worst case scenario. You look at the list above and realize you are in a real mess. Everything on the list is an issue for you. The way to tackle it is simple. “How to you eat an elephant?” One bite at a time. Sit down, make a list of the things you can immediately do something about. Then identify the things that will take a bit more effort. Start slowly. Do the obvious, and wait until you see some benefit. Then move onto the next thing. Don’t go out and spend a lot of money on things. You might need to spend some, but the most effective thing you can do to improve your environment and contribute to your bodies capacity to heal itself is to decide to do one thing, and then another and then another.

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