Consensus does make make an authoritative position

Consensus has replaced the scientific method today in many influential spheres of our existence. So much so that if someone says the majority of people, or most scientists, or most politicians/doctors agree or disagree on something, I immediately discount it and go looking for the real story. The consensus argument is used when the evidence is lacking and something has to be manufactured to replace it. We live in an amazing world of knowledge today. You can actually obtain that scientific paper, historical writing, raw data, election results on-line these days. The consensus mentality is so effective and we can be so gullible, I like to remind myself of sheep. If one sheep jumps, and then another and then another, even if it’s off an embankment or into a barb wire fence, the rest will follow.

Sheep are often painted as stupid with a flock mentality. Some sheep says “that most sheep agree that this way is best”, moves that way and the rest simply follow. If you want proof of this, go and drive some sheep or Google “Stupid Sheep”

If you agree with something of someone, make sure is based upon facts and not on consensus. Consensus is a fools way of getting along.

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