Test your Source

Don’t take anything at face value. Unfortunately we live in a world where most people are looking after themselves first and others second. This is especially so for the corporation whose whole design is to look after itself and thereby shareholders first. This means that a service, a medicine, a product has an agenda besides benefiting you. It’s the way the world works. There is no reason not to use a good product, take an effective medicine or use a good service, as long as we understand these things in themselves are not interested in you generally speaking. There are examples of not for profit products and services, where the agenda is likely to be a whole lot more selfless, bit even here there are always agendas.

Where is this important?

  • You read something on the web and it sounds interesting. There is an awful lot of nonsense on the web!
  • Your doctor recommends a certain course of action. Always get a second opinion! Doctors don’t know everything. Does this doctor specialise in your condition? Have they read the latest literature?
  • You are given a medication. Have you read the label and notes inside the box? Is this a lifetime decision you are making? Is there a better solution? Are the side effects worse than the condition?

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