Trust has to be earned

People can be either to trusting or cynical and trust no-one. Either extreme is not advised. Rather, start trusting no-one until trust is earned. Once earned, build on that trust as it remains consistent and in context. This includes people, organizations, right down to objects that we use or consume. A person may be well-meaning, but simply have the wrong information. There would be some who would say, trust everyone until you learn they can’t be trusted. I find the latter a very risky proposition. When faced with a situation where I have to make a decision of trust with little information, I simply ask the question, “Can I trust you”. This makes a persons word their bond, which most people take seriously. If they prove to be untrustworthy, they have broken the bond of their word. This is serious and a firewall should immediately go up with such people. They know, that you know they can’t be trusted! You both know where you stand. When making important decisions, having this clear information can make all the difference. The trust question needs to be asked for the obvious.

    • My Doctor

    • My Friend

    • My therapist

    • That Website

    • This medicine

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