Understand the Total Context

When we obtain a piece of information we arrange it within our current framework of thinking. We build a picture of understanding around the new information based on what we currently have. As you will be well aware, if you don’t have the full context, you can misunderstand something. How often have you overheard something that you then used only to be embarrassed as you have the bull by the tail using something that turned out to be out of context. They say perception is reality. Well context shapes perception and therefore reality. If you are unwell, you will be receiving all kinds of information. Your body will likely be complaining, your doctor or therapist will be providing new insights. It’s vital to inform yourself of the context of each piece of information. Based upon proper context, you might reject some advice, seek further advice, be better able to manage your situation. It takes a bit of work and if you are ill, something else to do is often the last thing you want. It is rare if ever that someone else will do it for you.

You could do the following

  • Keep a diary
  • Use a friend as a sounding board
  • Use a free mind mapping tool to record your thoughts and interactions.

Whatever, you do, building context is important to managing your way back to health.

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