Understanding comes through Three sources

If you do any kind of research, you will often find conflicting information. Assuming both sources of information are correct, what are you to do? Often the solution here is to find a third source. If someone is presenting a perspective on a service or product, the information will be in such a way as to make a certain point. For example, “prostate cancer can kill.” “Men will often die of other causes before they will from prostate cancer”. From each of these views you can draw a conclusion, especially if you don’t have context. The first being, treat all prostate cancer. The second is, don’t treat it, there are more things to worry about. What about a third piece of information that allows a person to make an informed decision, understanding the risks and benefits. It sounds so simple, however, it’s surprising how a little pressure from a doctor, friend and advertising can cause us to jump to a conclusion that often isn’t in our best interests.

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