Here are some books, Supplements, Machines, Useful Substances and Gadgets that can be useful for starting a healing journey.


The following are a few of the books I’ve read that can usefully inform someone looking to affect healing either physical or emotional. All should be read with the principles in mind.

10 Mindful Minutes10 Mindful Minutes: I was introduced to this book by a friend through a conversation where the idea of mindfulness was discussed. In building an awareness of the spiritual, it seemed to me that this introduction was worth a follow up.

Although not written at all from a faith perspective, nor claiming to be, the book is well worth the read on its own. However, as I read each chapter, a growing awareness formed in me that I’d heard all this before, in the bible no less. Being so used to the spiritualising of scripture and the many abstract concepts built around ‘Christianity’, while at the same time being desperate to ‘connect faith to life’, (to steal a phrase), I suddenly noticed messages that had always been there
but I’d never connected to life in a real and disciplined way.

The book is targeted at building the emotional resilience of children, however, the tools and mechanisms presented are just as useful for adults. Where there is a lot of stress and a person feels quite out of control, this book provides a few simple steps to gaining a measure of control, calmness and greater self-awareness that can assist in gaining some stability so a more permanent path to health and healing can be sought.


God According to God: This book is highly recommended. It is an easy read and unlocks some of the ancient Hebrew viewpoints that give such a greater understanding of God. We have truly misunderstood Him for a long time.

Science is often portrayed as a replacement for God and is done so, simply because people wish to deny that God exists. A careful look at true science will see the unparalleled synergy between how God reveals himself and what can be discovered in science. However, this obvious truth is obscured by both the scientific and religious worlds.

Firstly the so called scientific world tends to rely more on
consensus and is driven my money these days and the religious world packages doctrine into boxes to either obscure or totally misinterpret what God has written in the bible.

Schroeder, who is an MIT-Trained physicist and bible scholar takes a refreshing view of the true biblical text in its original language and the repeatable discoveries of true science and show quite clearly that we have misunderstood both God and His world.

This book is recommended as part of the healing pathway, as it provides a perspective change. True healing comes with the application of real truth. If you are starting from a position where truth has been obscured, your chance of getting onto a healing pathway is greatly diminished.


The Healing Codes: This book promises a lot and from my own experience it actually works and does so profoundly. Many have started to read the book and once it starts to deal with spiritual matters, they lose interest not realizing that there is no contradiction between science and the supernatural, a creator or a supreme being.

The simple observation is that people don’t want anything to do with God. That’s fine. We have all been given a free will. If one gets past this hurdle, the next has to do with how the healing codes work. They are simply a tool. They are not a set of magic incantations. The tool deals with the issues of the heart, which is where pressure is felt and stress is measured which in the end is the root cause of all disease.If a person is willing to deal with the issues of the heart, the knowledge in this book and this method produces some amazing results. The method accesses energy as a means of balancing the forces on the body, allowing the immune system to function properly.

However, I believe caution is warranted. Accessing energy from false sources could potentially place you in a worse position than you already are. That being said, there is highly valuable information shaping the way we think about healing and wholeness contained in this book. It’s been in print for quite a number of years in multiple languages. It’s not like it is a secret. It’s therefore interesting that it is still relevantly little known. For one who is searching for healing and wholeness, I recommend this book. I personally have an unsettledness about how the codes were discovered, however, I’ve yet to find anything about them that is misleading or dangerous, notwithstanding the fact that they really work.


Bakballs: This simple device decelerated my recovery and then maintenance of back issues over more than 5 years ago. I rarely have need of them now, but take them on trips, holidays, and they are never far away when it home. The best $30.00 I ever spent.

BakBalls are designed by a Physiotherapist to the Australian Olympic team and endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), therefore rest assured you are using a safe, effective, and professionally credible product.

The CEO of the APA wrote “BakBalls are a new self-treatment device that empowers back pain sufferers to treat their condition at home. BakBalls are safe to use and efficacious for the majority of back pain sufferers. 


The following are a couple of supplements that I’ve found very useful.


blue: energy blend

Blue Energy Blend delivers hours of natural, long-lasting energy with no adverse side effects. These convenient, single-serve packs easily move with you to power your active lifestyle, leaving you calm and alert throughout the day. Blue Energy Blend augments strength and endurance at the cellular level, increasing both stamina and performance. Potent antioxidants protect the body from damaging free radicals, while natural plant extracts increase metabolism, reduce muscle recovery time and inhibit inflammation, making Blue Energy Blend the perfect addition to your fitness routine. Blue is available here


noni gia

Noni GIA is a potent antioxidant that helps sustain and support a healthy immune system. A powerful blend of powdered noni fruit, pineapple and grape, Noni GIA helps maintain the efficacy of our organs, especially the digestive and circulatory systems. This organic supplement is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, supplies essential nutrients for healthy hair and skin, and enhances mental clarity. Noni gia is available here



Massage: An extraordinary piece of machinery! Melt pain and fatigue away with this massager. No massage machine I have owned over the years comes anywhere this one. With different modes, and deep vibration impact, it’s suitable for a light or heavy massage. Best when applied by another
person, it can be used quite successfully on your own. It’s not at the cheap end of the market, but it is the best $300.00+ I’ve spent in a long time. Used now for over a year, just 10 minutes a session, a couple of times a week. I highly recommend it. It’s available here.

Useful Substances


MSM is a natural food supplement used for the relief of arthritis and joint pain. Why take anti-inflammatory medication that may damage your stomach when safe natural pain relief is so readily available? MiSMo MSM is pharmaceutical grade. Vegan friendly. MSM – (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) is a source of Organic Sulphur. Sulphur is the 4th most abundant mineral in our body. As we grow older the supplies of sulphur, present in every cell of the body, decline. MSM provides a supplement, in a safe, easy manner. MSM is neither a drug nor a medicine but a food
supplement which is readily absorbed by the body. MiSMo MSM powder is pure. Absolutely no fillers or anti caking agents are added. Sulphur is also spelled as sulfur. Our MSM is supplied in double zip locked bags. MiSMO has been using MSM since 2000 in skin care products and also as an oral supplement. Recommended supplier here


Calm Cream: An extraordinary cream to use on the face and hands. My experience is healthy skin and the ache in my hands disappeared due to the MSM content. Available here

Contents: Ultra Purified Water MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) Emulsifying wax, Glyceryl Monostearate, Glycerin, Almond Oil,Coconut Oil,Vitamin A, Vitamin E (as palmitate) Vitamin D, Aloe Vera gel, Calendula flower extract, Proprietary Ayurvedic Tincture.




Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the gold standard for the measure and monitoring of stress. Link this device to your Bluetooth 4 smart phone device and you can monitor and track your stress levels, and by a direct association, your healing path success. Get the free app from Elite HRV . You can easily track sleep patterns, workout patterns, mood and your path to healing with your Heart Rate Variability.
Virtually immune to the placebo effect, this combination of monitor and application provides valuable feedback on the success or otherwise of your healing journey by measuring your stress levels. Available here

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